Thursday, April 3, 2008

My New Favorite Thing: Google Reader

I'll say right off that this post makes me feel more than a little bit silly. However, having just been introduced to the wonders of Google Reader a few weeks ago (thank you Jess), I feel like there must be others out there, like me, who haven't yet been introduced.

If you, like me, use gmail, then you can access Google Reader from the top bar in your gmail account. Why I love it? It's a one stop shop for all the blogs you want to read (or just feel obligated to read). Just add the blog address to Reader and anytime the blog has a new post, it will show up in your reader. No more checking my favorite food blogs multiple times a day waiting for that new post! It comes to me! I love it. I always resisted signing up to receive new posts via email because I feel like my inbox is cluttered enough as it is (hence the lengthy wait for me to respond to any and all emails). Now, I just click on Reader a couple times a day to see if any of my blogs have new posts, and then I can read them right there. Genius!

To be fair, there are other readers out there. If you don't like or use Google, feel free to check out other options. But like I said, I just wanted to make sure that my readers, at the very least, knew this was out there.


Syphax said...

Question: who are you and how do you know about Brian Webb? Do I know you?

-Arthur Hatton

Shannon said...

Hey Arthur, I don't think I know you. But I know about Brian Webb because I used to live in the Boston area and was privileged to see him perform live at Club Passim a number of times... including one particularly memorable night when my roommates and I braved a one mile walk in three feet of snow to make it to the T so that we could get to his show.

Adam said...

Thanks for the tip about Google Reader!

Erin Fast said...

never knew that. I'm going to set it up today!